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Yvette Bright provides inspiration at Women’s Leadership Forum

Yvette Bright, Independence Blue Cross executive vice president and chief operating officer, delivered the keynote speech at The Women’s Leadership Forum on June 15. The event, which was hosted by the Society of Actuaries, features an inspirational, successful woman who shares her personal story, including lessons learned along the way and practical words of wisdom about leadership.

In her remarks, Bright shared her personal path to leadership — filled with successes and challenges — and the principles and ideas that guided her along her journey.

“One principle I’ve always followed is to make a choice, then make the most of your choice,” stated Bright. “Throughout my career, I’ve learned that leadership is developed from the choices you make, and the opportunities created by those choices.”

Bright urged the attendees of The Women’s Leadership Forum to continue achieving progress and to strive for further success. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and making the best of every opportunity.

Bright closed her speech with a call to action for all women in the workplace to keep moving and pushing for leadership opportunities for ourselves and the women around us: “Find a mentor — someone who has walked a leadership path with some level of success. And if you are at a point in your career where you have experience to offer others, seek out a mentee. It’s our responsibility as women to reach back, help younger women, and bring someone along.”