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Independence Blue Cross signs on to White House Healthcare AI Commitments

By February 28, 2024March 5th, 2024Featured Innovation Press Releases

Today, Independence Blue Cross (IBX) announced it has signed on to the White House Healthcare AI Commitments. IBX joins 36 forward-thinking insurers and health care provider peers to collaborate with the White House and determine how to leverage frontier AI models that drive change in health care.

“Independence Blue Cross continues to lead the way in health care innovation. We are dedicated to advocating for advancements that improve care delivery, user experience, and affordability. We’re proud to have a seat at the table, among other policy experts and national thought leaders. Together, we will procure, develop, and leverage large-scale machine learning models that can perform a variety of tasks. What’s more, we are committed to pursuing these once in a generation innovations and benefits while mitigating risks and protecting patient information,” said Mike Vennera, executive vice president and chief strategy, development, and information officer for Independence Blue Cross.

The agreement signed by IBX underscores three fundamental principles to the future of AI: safety, security, and trust. Signatories agreed to five main components:

  1. To commit to vigorously developing AI solutions to optimize health care delivery and payment by advancing health equity, expanding access, making health care more affordable, improving outcomes through more coordinated care, improving patient experience, and reducing clinician burnout.
  2. To work with our peers and partners to ensure outcomes are aligned with fair, appropriate, valid, effective, and safe (FAVES) AI principles.
  3. To deploy trust mechanisms that inform users if content is largely AI-generated and not reviewed or edited by a human.
  4. To adhere to a risk management framework that includes comprehensive tracking of applications powered by frontier models and an accounting for potential harms and steps to mitigate them.
  5. To research, investigate, and develop swiftly, but do so responsibly.

IBX and the 36 other signatories will revisit and revise commitments at reasonable intervals as more is learned from frontier models. More information on the commitments can be found at


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