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How I Know My Mind: Paws and relax with therapy dogs

Having access to specially trained animals, such as therapy dogs, can provide relief from feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. On Drexel University’s campus, students adjusting to their home away from home have the opportunity to hug a 100-pound four-legged friend any day of the week. In this video, staff and students express how Cane Corsos, Java and Espresso, provide welcome relief when feelings of anxiety and loneliness arise for the “How I Know My Mind” series.  

“When you’re struggling with issues with roommates or a professor or team project that isn’t going well and you just want to give up, taking that break to love up on the dogs is a great way to just reset your mindset,” says Program Director and Trainer Janine Erato. “The dogs don’t judge you so no matter what you tell them, they’ll keep your secret and they’re there to support however they can.” 

“How I Know My Mind” is an extension of the Know Your Mind mental health public health campaign. The series presents personal reflections from people throughout the Philadelphia region sharing what they do to promote their mental well-being.  

Independence Blue Cross launched Know Your Mind in 2020 to educate the community about symptoms of depression and anxiety and offer resources to support mental health.    

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