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Media Requests

The Corporate Communications team is the main resource for all news media. Our team connects journalists with executives, clinicians, and other experts who offer unique insights on health care, innovation, business, technology, corporate social responsibility, and more.

Journalists can submit inquiries by reaching out to one of our Public Relations Managers directly, using our online form, or sending an email to

Not the media? Visit our Contact Us page. Members can also reach Customer Service using the number on their ID cards.

Media Contacts: Corporate Communications

Kathleen Conlon

Corporate Communications Manager
Commercial Group Sales and Marketing; Well-being Tools and Resources; Workforce and Human Resources; Diversity and Inclusion

Laura Hanes

Corporate Communications Manager
Health Care Reform; Consumer Engagement, Sales and Marketing; Public Affairs; Customer Service and Support

Diana Quattrone

Corporate Communications Manager
Provider Networks and Value-based Programs; Medicare; Pharmacy; Medical Policy; Innovation

Ruth Stoolman

Corporate Communications Manager
Blue Crew Volunteer program; Independence Blue Cross Foundation; CPR Ready; Opioid Epidemic; Health of America; Blue Cross Broad Street Run

Lisa Yoon

Senior Corporate Communications Specialist

Mark Eggerts

Executive Communications Manager

Britni Zahodnick

Digital Communications Manager

Ajé King

Digital Communications Specialist

Donna Farrell

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

Grant Gegwich

Director of Corporate Communications