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Local artist Yannick Lowery displays new exhibit at Independence Blue Cross

By April 17, 2024April 25th, 2024Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Featured

Showcase marks third collaboration with Tiny Room for Elephants

A blue-infused corridor displays the work of local artist Yannick Lowery. The showcase is part of an ongoing collaboration between IBX and Tiny Room for Elephants (TRFE), a Philadelphia-based collective that blends art and music to create unique experiences.

Yannick’s series of ten paper collages is a visual ode to the diverse neighborhoods that shape Philadelphia’s vibrant identity. He breathes life into the creations using cyanotype — a photographic printing process often used for art and reprography in blueprints. Fittingly, it is titled “Blueprint of the City.”

Each collage features an interactive QR code to peer into the original artwork before its cyan transformation. Viewers are encouraged to have their cell phones handy to unlock this added layer.

For Yannick, this project is an illustration of Philadelphia’s diversity in the eyes of its residents, with the patchwork nature of the overlapping areas ironically reflecting the medium of collage. Yannick shared, “Philadelphia is known to be a city of neighborhoods, each with its own unique identity…This collective identity is what the world sees as Philly but it’s the people of the city who see its nuance, they know it best.”

IBX’s partnership with TRFE empowers local artists to share their work in the corporate environment. This is the third installation in a curated space on the 23rd floor that showcases TRFE-endorsed artists. Previous artists include Priscilla Bell and Serena Saunders.