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A Love Letter to Chester County and Delaware County

By December 19, 2023December 27th, 202385th Anniversary Community Featured

A panoramic view of a farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania USA early in the morning.

At Independence Blue Cross, we are fortunate to serve Philadelphia and the surrounding counties in the region. In continuation of our Philadelphia County list of loves, here are more reasons why we have loved being the hometown health insurer in Chester County and Delaware County for the past 85 years, and are looking forward to the next 85!

Reasons why we love Chester County

Because our flowers bloom bigger

Our flowers bloom bigger because they are enriched with Chester County History. Walking through Longwood Gardens is more than sightseeing floral for us, it’s taking a step back into centuries of tradition and preservation.


Because our traditions are tasty

Our traditions are just as sweet as our lemon sticks. If you’re from Chester County, you know that watching The Devon Horse Show doesn’t feel the same without a sweet treat in hand


Because good times call for good snacks

Have you ever had a potato chip fresh off the line? The taste is incomparable, especially when it comes from the Herr’s Snack Factory. It’s no wonder that this Nottingham company has been around for three generations!


Because we are the mushroom capital of the world – literally!

Kennett Square is the Mushroom Capital of the World (and for good reason.) Our farms grow over 500 million pounds of mushrooms a year and our annual fungi-centric festival is over a mile long with hundreds of vendors. Other mushroom focused events stand little chance against Chester County.


Because life is better on a bike

Our trails make life better. Whether we’re biking down Chester Valley or taking a stroll on Struble Trail, the natural charm of the outdoors shines bright in every corner of the county.


Because you don’t have to go to the beach to enjoy the water

Over here, you don’t have to travel hours to enjoy the water. Just take a family trip to Marsh Creek State Park, where you can hike, boat and watch wildlife from the comfort of your own backyard beach.


Because we are home to some of the oldest Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the nation

Chester County is home to the oldest HBCU in the nation. Cheyney University has been educating and inspiring Black students since 1837, as well as Lincoln University established in 1854, making our region a historic hub for academic excellence and professional development.


Because you can learn the history of just about anything here

You can learn the history of just about anything here, including aircraft. The American Helicopter Museum is home to the largest rotorcraft collection in the world, giving West Chester residents fully immersed experiences since 1993.


Because inspiration is all around us

At every turn, you will find a source of inspiration in Chester County. Just take a tour of the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, where you will find premier pieces of decorative art, paintings and protected meadows.


Because our villages are as charming as our people

Our villages are as charming as our people, from St. Peter’s flowing streams to the Yellow Springs’ visual arts. We take pride in the heritage and history that runs through our old towns.


Because our railroads are historic

We believe that freedom-seekers, abolitionists and Underground Railroad agents deserve to have their history preserved. That’s why our county is proud to support the Kennett Underground Railroad Center, which celebrates the quest for freedom and end to slavery in America.


Because cold ice cream on a hot day is never a bad idea

There’s nothing like a cone from Scoops ‘N’ Smiles on a hot day. This veteran-owned business is a gem to the community and makes our region better through its sweet treats and hospitality


Because local tastes better

We love the taste of our local produce. Right down the road from Highland Orchards, our county has been able to pick fresh strawberries, apples and peaches for more than 50 years.


Because we’re creative enough to celebrate anything

We’re creative enough to celebrate all parts of Chester County history. In fact, we hold an annual Blobfest in Phoenixville that commemorates the classic movie, The Blob, which filmed a scene in our local Colonial Theatre.


Because where else can you watch a goat race?

If you’re from Chester County, you know why the first Sunday in May is a special time for everyone. It’s the day we get to watch goats race, whilst enjoying our favorite drafts from Sly Fox Brewing Company.


Reasons why we love Delaware County

“Delco” is more than a place, it’s a lifestyle

“Delco” is more than just a region in Pennsylvania, it’s a lifestyle. In fact, the county has its own state-recognized holiday, Delco Gives Day, which brings together community members and raises funds for local charities.


Because we don’t have an accent, you do

Contrary to popular belief, Delconians don’t have an accent. It’s the other four counties who don’t know the proper pronunciation of “hoagie,” not us!


Because apples are more fun when they’re catapulted

Delco doesn’t waste apples, we catapult them. After the government ruled fallen apples couldn’t be used for apple cider, we knew a change had to be made. So, we created the apple slingshot at Linvilla Orchard’s, a fun and quirky attraction that puts all our bruised apples to use.


Because an evening at the fair can make you feel like a kid again

Delco residents know that an evening at the St. Denis Fair can make you feel like a kid again. Whether you’re strolling the homemade booths or riding the Ferris wheel, all ages (and counties) are welcome to join in on our fun.


Because we make commuting easy and accessible

Delaware county believes in easy and accessible transportation. From the Swarthmore SEPTA to the Wawa station, we’ve been dedicated to making our residents commute convenient and affordable since day one.


Because outdoor dining just tastes better

We know that eating outside makes everything taste better. That’s why we set the trend for outdoor eateries with Dining Under the Stars, an annual event that shuts down four blocks of State Street in Media so our residents can have dinner with a view.


Because of our diner culture

No matter what hour of the day it is, you can always count on Llanerch Diner for some fluffy pancakes and a quick pick-me-up. A home-town favorite for more than 50 years, this establishment showcases what it means to be a classic American diner (a true specialty for Delaware County.)


Because we’re a community that loves the great outdoors

Delaware county is a community that loves animals and the great outdoors. Home to America’s First Urban Refuge, residents bond over protecting the habitats of species that have beautified our region for generations.


Because we can enjoy a show right in our backyard

One of the best things about Chester and Delaware Counties is our access to theatrical shows and stellar performances. Take a walk outside and you’re sure to pass People’s Light, The Barnstormers Theater or The Media Theatre (to name just a few of our home-town favorites).


Because there’s a piece of America’s history everywhere you look here

In Delaware County, we respect and preserve America’s history. With pieces of the past in every corner, we’re are the proud home to sites like the Brandywine Battlefield Park and Christian C. Sanderson Museum.


Because of our local sports legends

The passion for Philadelphia sports runs deep through Delco’s veins. In fact, our love for athletes has led us to creating the Sports Legends of Delaware County Museum, a place where local figures can be remembered and admired for years to come.


Because it’s always a good night to cheer for the Philadelphia Union

As a home to Subaru Park, Delco residents always unite when it comes to cheering on the Philadelphia Union. Whether we clinch the Easter Conferences or fall short in the MLS Final, we rally behind our team.


Because we take every opportunity to celebrate our differences

The people of Delaware County take pride in differences. To celebrate our diverse cultures, we gather people from around the world to Garrett Road during the annual Upper Darby International Festival.


Because our farms provide us with the freshest produce

Our family-run orchards provide us with the freshest produce. From picking apples to choosing home-grown honey, Delco residents are always pleased when enjoying their fresh goods.


Because our kids have the “Get Up and Go” attitude

Our children inspire one another to build healthy habits through their mutual love for running. The Healthy Kids Running Series of Delaware County pushes kids to “Get Up and Go” through physical activity, while also instilling in them confidence and self-esteem each step of the way.