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Launch of identity theft protection services for group customers and their members

Starting in June 2016, Independence Blue Cross is pleased to offer identity theft protection services to our commercial group customers for their employees with Independence coverage.

Identity theft protection options

Identity theft protection services will be provided by Experian® and include two options:

  • ProtectMyIDTM is for adults. Eligible subscribers and their adult dependents can enroll individually.
  • FamilySecureSM is for children under the age of 18. A parent or legal guardian can activate membership and enroll all children.

Employers who choose to offer these new services to their employees simply opt in using the IBXpress employer website. If they choose not to offer these services, they do not need to take any action. Moving forward, all group customers will have the opportunity to renew or cancel this added protection upon renewal.

What members need to know

Once our customers have opted to offer the services to their employees, enrollment is easy – members simply log onto to enroll. From there, members will be routed to Experian’s website to begin the enrollment process. Members can also enroll by calling Experian at 1-866-926-9803 and using Independence-specific codes that are made available to each group customer during the opt-in process.

Members can enroll at any time once their employer has opted-in to the service. Once enrolled, members will have the services for 12 months. If their employer continues to offer the identity theft protection service as a benefit for 2017 and beyond, members will automatically be re-enrolled each year as long as they are enrolled in the company’s group health plan.

The identity theft protection products will include:

  • Credit monitoring. Monitors activity that may affect credit.
  • Fraud detection. Identifies fraudulent use of identity or credit.
  • Fraud resolution support. Helps members address issues that arise in relation to credit monitoring and fraud detection.
  • Identity theft insurance amounting to $1 million in coverage for ProtectMyID.
  • Identity theft product guarantee amounting to $2 million in coverage for FamilySecure.
  • Alerts to members to notify them of any activity that may impact their credit or identity.
  • Live support from Experian.

Members can cancel the services at any time by calling Experian.

For additional details, please contact your Independence account executive, broker, or consultant.