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Independence Blue Cross’s nurse coaches are just a phone call away

Primary Health Coach: A new single point of contact for all health questions and concerns

Philadelphia, PA – Independence Blue Cross (IBC) is introducing a new program that will provide fully insured members the benefit of working with one health coach – a nurse – who will be the single point of contact for guidance managing challenging health conditions, answering questions, and addressing concerns, including coordinating care after surgery or a critical illness and helping manage chronic conditions.

“The new Primary Health Coach program is one more way IBC is changing the game,” said Daniel J. Hilferty, IBC president and CEO. “As health coaches, our nurses combine coaching skills with their medical knowledge to help members make better choices about their care and to get well and stay well. This is patient-centered coaching tailored to meet our members’ specific health needs.”

The Primary Health Coach has a 360-degree view of a member’s complete health record using an integrated nurse dashboard, a system that puts information right at the health coach’s fingertips. The coach remains consistent even as members visit different doctors, hospitals, or other professionals throughout the health care system. Coaches are available to fully insured commercial and Medicare Advantage members.

“Health care consumers dealing with a serious illness or a chronic condition have a lot to think about when managing tests, procedures, prescriptions, and claims – all of which can be confusing or even overwhelming,” explained Richard L. Snyder, M.D., IBC’s senior vice president and chief medical officer. “Our new Primary Health Coaches help our members navigate what is often a complex health care system, and they provide a more coordinated approach to our members’ care. Having the full view of our members’ health records enables our nurse health coaches to have a more meaningful interaction with our members, which will ultimately improve their experience and lead to better health.”

Through this new program, a member can develop a trusted relationship with his or her coach, which fosters a higher level of engagement and helps a member reach his or her goals. Coaches can help members understand new prescriptions, a diagnosis and treatment options, or assist members in making lifestyle choices that help reduce health risks. Click here to listen to interviews with the new nurse coaches on why they feel their role is important to the health and wellness of IBC members.

Laura Hanes