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Generocity discusses the Well City Challenge with Independence Blue Cross’s Dr. Victor Caraballo

In an article focusing on organizations’ commitment to wellness, Generocity spoke with Independence Blue Cross’s Vice President of Quality Management and Chief Safety Officer, Dr. Victor Caraballo, on the Well City Challenge’s impact on addressing and improving millennial physical and mental health issues in Philadelphia.

“This challenge platform [engaged] the community in a meaningful way and allows us to understand their thoughts on good interventions that we could employ, the idea that you can try to design different systems without the input from the people those systems are supposed to serve, just doesn’t make any sense. And trying to understand the negative impact of different things without talking to the people who are experiencing them doesn’t make sense either. So we found that the Full City challenge [which would become the “Well City Challenge”] was a great way to penetrate the city and be able to engage and get the input we needed to develop better solutions,” said Dr. Caraballo.