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New Beat COVID-19 messages promote mask-wearing

By September 3, 2020September 8th, 2020Community Company Updates Featured
Photo grid of local public figures wearing masks to promote the important safeguard against COVID19

Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles; Dan Hilferty, Independence Blue Cross; Alex Holley, FOX29; Alexander Bedoya, Philadelphia Union; Gritty, Philadelphia Flyers; and Lorina Marshall-Blake, Independence Blue Cross Foundation

Independence Blue Cross continues to promote timely health and well-being messages through our Beat COVID-19 public service campaign. In a series of new TV, radio, print, digital and social media, Independence emphasizes the importance of safeguards like wearing a mask.

We’ll Never Know

The newest installment in the multimedia Beat COVID-19 campaign, “We Will Never Know,” features CEO Dan Hilferty reinforcing the value of the sacrifices people have made across our region to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“The pandemic has put an enormous strain on our families and communities,” said Donna Farrell, VP of Corporate Communications. “It can be tiring after such a long time to stay focused on what we need to do to stay safe and keep others safe. But Dan’s message reminds us that even small measures can save lives, and we must stay firm in our collective efforts to Beat COVID-19.”

The public service announcement is currently airing alongside “Neighbors” and “Your Health Can’t Wait,” featuring VP of Community Affairs Lorina Marshall-Blake and Medical Director of Government Markets Heidi Syropoulos, M.D., respectively.

The Beat COVID-19 series, launched in March, underscores the message that “We’re in this together” and highlights ways everyone can do their part to keep our communities safe.

Beat COVID-19 videos can be found on, YouTube, or right here on the Newsroom.

Behind the Mask

The Beat COVID-19 campaign recently adopted an engaging new way to promote mask-wearing with “Behind the Mask.” These print, digital and social media assets ask viewers to identify prominent local figures wearing masks.

Those pictured come from the worlds of sports, entertainment, nonprofit organizations, government, and more. From Dan Hilferty and Lorina Marshall-Blake to Brandon Graham and Gritty — the region came together for this important message.

“We wanted to emphasize the importance of everyone doing their part to protect our communities,” Donna said. “We invited impactful individuals to join us, and they were eager to participate.”

“Wearing a mask is one of the simplest things you can do to protect yourself — and others — from COVID-19, along with frequently washing your hands and maintaining at least six feet of distance from people outside of your household” said Vic Caraballo, M.D., VP of Quality Management in Facilitated Health Networks. “Fortunately, our region has really responded and is taking these precautions seriously, but we must continue to do so.”