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Independence participates in All Faiths Vaccination Campaign

The All Faiths Vaccination Campaign (AFVC) is a community-based initiative aimed at helping to provide access to the COVID-19 vaccine for Philadelphia’s underserved populations. Nearly 50 Philadelphia entities and organizations — including churches, leaders, and health professionals — came together for the initiative, which began in May. Independence Blue Cross hosted an event announcing the campaign, and Independence Blue Cross Foundation is one of the sponsors of the initiative.

During the Month of May (May 21 – May 31), AFVC partners administered first doses during 51 vaccination clinic days at 15 community based locations. In June (June 1 – June 30), AFVC partners administered first and second doses during 66 vaccination clinic days at 13 community-based locations. Independence Blue Cross hosted the launch event, and the Independence Blue Cross Foundation is one of the sponsors.