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Independence Blue Cross works with AblePay to offer new financial support to members

By April 29, 2022February 27th, 2023Featured Health Insurance Innovation Press Releases

Independence Blue Cross (Independence) is now working with AblePay Health (AblePay), a company that helps people better understand and pay their out-of-pocket medical expenses. Through AblePay, Independence is offering payment discounts, flexible payment options, and personal support to its members. The model also gives participating hospitals and doctors in the Independence network increased assurance that they will receive payment for their patients’ bills from AblePay.

“At Independence, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help improve the overall well-being of the communities we serve, and financial stress is part of that. The unique benefits of the AblePay program – savings, flexibility, and assistance – can help provide peace of mind for both patients and providers,” said Brian Lobley, Independence Blue Cross executive vice president, chief operating officer, and president of Health Markets.

How AblePay helps members

Independence members can use AblePay’s services at no cost. The services can help them:

  • Save up to 13 percent on out-of-pocket medical costs. This includes copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.
  • Choose a payment plan that fits their individual financial needs. With AblePay, members can pay through their checking account, savings account, health savings account, flexible spending account, and credit or debit cards.
  • Better understand their medical bills. Billing advocates at AblePay can help answer questions about individual medical bills. They can also work with provider billing departments to ensure the bill is correct.

“We are excited to work with Independence and offer our no-cost services to their members,” said John Fistner, AblePay founder and CEO. “At AblePay, we strive to develop solutions that will make the health care experience more convenient, effective, and affordable. We not only provide Independence members with savings on their out-of-pocket medical bills but give them the flexibility to decide how they wish to pay those bills based on their individual financial needs. Our program also significantly reduces collection costs for health systems, hospitals, and physician groups.”

How AblePay works

  • Members enroll with AblePay online, receive an AblePay ID card, and present this card, along with their insurance card, whenever they seek medical treatment.
  • Once a member’s claim is processed by Independence, AblePay notifies the member of a new claim along with directions to visit the AblePay member portal. Members can save up to 13 percent depending on the flexible payment option they select.
  • AblePay sends the health care provider a guaranteed payment within 14 days on behalf of the member.

AblePay has contracts with several health systems in the region, including Penn Medicine, Main Line Health, Grand View Health, Lehigh Valley Health Network, and St. Luke’s University Health Network. A full and expanding list of providers partnering with AblePay can be found by visiting the AblePay website.


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